IYGU Outcomes

Contributions to United Nations

The IYGU addresses key UN Charter Constitution issues.
It aims to strengthen international co-operation by preparing new strategies to face global challenges.

Contributions to UNESCO

Better global understanding supports economic, social, cultural and humanitarian co-operation.
The IYGU’s new level of goal-driven scientific cooperation will produce advanced educational modules.
The IYGU will promote practical routes towards a global understanding of the cultural and social implications of new geographical living conditions and new global realities.

Implementations of UN initiatives

The framework of the IYGU contributes to the ICSU-ISSC Future Earth initiative and seeks to support the implementation of the Rio+20 Declaration.
To achieve the UN Millenium Development Goals, we must ensure that we share the responsibility for our living conditions globally.
The IYGU will complement the outcomes of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) 2005-2014 with a focus on practical ways of introducing its key results into everyday practices.
The IYGU will provide sustainability education and public information, establishing processes for embedding the ESD’s principal results in future generations’s routines.

Implementations of the findings of other UN International Years

The IYGU will draw on and promote the relevant findings of other International Years, including
the IY of Mountains (2002)
the IY of Freshwater (2003)
the IY of Planet Earth (2008)
the IY of Biodiversity (2010)