How to do it?

  • IYGU will make global processes and challenges understandable.
  • IYGU will encompass research, teaching and information.
  • IYGU will highlight the power of everyday, local choices for global change.
  • The IYGU will remind global citizens of their global responsibilities.

The IYGU aims to yield deep, but actionable, insights into the ways all peoples can live together more sustainably. The focus will be on developing strategies for targeted local projects with a global reach. There are three elements to this: research, education, and information. Research will bring scientists together to understand the global impacts of everyday local activities related to culture, society, economy, and nature. The IYGU will empower bottom-up movements for sustainable everyday politics. Classrooms throughout the world will use the research results at all educational levels. The IYGU will provide information and promote knowledge sharing to increase public awareness by means of publications, computer games, TV programs, etc.